Books people hold onto

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We did a small analysis in July on how long different types of items tend to stay out on loan. See Average loan times for that post.

What about particular titles though? Which books do people keep for ages before returning? Presumably (but not necessarily) those that have the most pages and take the longest to read?

Before doing the analysis we need to set some rules:

  • We’ll include issues from across the whole of LibrariesWest
  • We will take an average loan length, in days, for each title, and list the top 10
  • The title will have to have been issued at least 100 times to get a decent average

So, here are the results:

Title ISBN Average Number of days Issues
The feeling good handbook 0452281326 91 142
Computing made easy for the over 50s 9781844901128 89 102
The mindful way through depression 9781593851286 85 182
Overcoming low self-esteem 9781849010689 84 179
Raising girls 9780007455669 84 163
This changes everything 9781846145056 80 113
Overcoming depression 9781849010665 80 220
Break free from OCD 9780091939694 79 172
Windows 10 Simplified 9781119057154 77 173
Calm parents, happy kids 9780091955205 76 102

The results are overwhelmingly on managing wellbeing, or else helping with computing. Perhaps not so surprisingly, though nothing to do with the length of the book. The average loan times post had already shown an above average loan time for our ‘Books on Prescription’ titles, this further shows a certain number of particular titles that people really keep hold of.

The feeling good handbook manages a huge average of 91 days on loan. Thankfully there are plenty of copies available.