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Some Data

1 minute read

There’s plenty of LibrariesWest data that is interesting, but probably not interesting enough to warrant a full post for each one. So, here’s lots of random ...

Books people hold onto

1 minute read

We did a small analysis in July on how long different types of items tend to stay out on loan. See Average loan times for that post.

Average loan times

2 minute read

Across LibrariesWest there are some variations in loan periods (how long before an item becomes due for return). This can depend on item type and library ser...

Level of detail for issue data

3 minute read

When working on library data requests we often have to decide how much detail we should provide. Primarily this is guided by whatever people requested. But w...

Most travelled books

2 minute read

We often report on the number of times book titles in the LibrariesWest catalogue have been issued. Or the number of times individual copies have been issued.